KWINT Offshore is now officially in Rotterdam

After a busy couple of months, KWINT Offshore can officially announce its move on the 31st of July to the former foundry at the RDM premises at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam. Our location with close to 15,000m² is ideally suited for in-house construction and fabrication, and boasts a 240m quay with the heaviest quay pressure (4 ton/m²) in Rotterdam. It is ideally suited for “Jack-up” projects, various on-board inspections, and (de)-mobilisation of offshore ships and pontoons, with enough space for multiple vessels. Apart from the standard products that we supply, we can offer custom build solutions from small and simple to large and complex. We have excellent material and storage management of parts that are though roughly inspected and repaired, or replaced (if needed).

After one and a half years KWINT Ridderkerk, have joined the team in Rotterdam to help share the load, and give the unique possibility of construction and fabrication on so many different products and projects now at one combined location. At this location KWINT Offshore can process wire ropes up to a diameter of 128mm. We have all the possible logistical and technical suppliers that you can think of close at hand in the Rotterdam area.

Briefly summarized our scope of supply consists of:

  • Steel wire ropes & accessories;
  • Synthetic ropes & slings;
  • Hoisting slings & lashing gear;
  • Hoisting- & lifting gear;
  • Chain works;
  • Fall protection & personal safety / ladders, stairs & scaffolding;
  • Cranes;
  • Deck equipment (windlasses/winches, deck fittings);
  • Construction works (spreaders, man riding baskets, gas & oxygen cages, overhead cranes, etc.);
  • Fabrication (suction piles, carousels, foundations, grillages, etc.);
  • Inspection- & service works for above mentioned products groups, also container inspections, NDT, etc.;
  • Rigging & spooling works;
  • Consultancy, engineering;
  • Project operation & – management;
  • (assistance with) (de-)mobilisations, tow operations, warranty surveys, etc.

KWINT Rotterdam will be moving on July 27 & 28.

Our Network: Alpha Offshore, Holland GroupHolland Ship WindowsHolland Watermakers, Lift2Work, Ambtman Marine Propulsion Equipment